Though she was born in California, many people have recently noticed that Meghan Markle has seemingly adopted a slight British accent just months after moving to London and marrying Prince Harry.

In preview clips promoting the new ITV documentary Queen of the World — airing on HBO in the US on Monday, Oct. 1 — Meghan can be seen talking about her gorgeous royal wedding dress. And, after viewing the videos, many people think the 37-year-old Duchess of Sussex totally has a British lilt. 

Watch the clip below and listen for yourself! 

Following the new clip’s release, many royal fans took to Twitter to voice their concerns over Meghan’s newly-adopted accent. “I feel like The Duchess of Sussex (Meghan) is putting on an accent,” one person wrote on Sept. 20 with another similarly adding, “Meghan is losing her American accent.”

Some people have even suggested that Meghan has undergone vocal training since tying the knot with Harry in May. “Meghan has had voice coaching, she seems much softer, bit like how [Kate Middleton’s] changed too,” one fan commented on Twitter. 

This interestingly isn’t the first time that Meghan’s new accent has made headlines. Back in early July, a video taken by Twitter user @elzeiny99 in June of Meghan greeting a crowd of royal fans during her first official outing with Queen Elizabeth resurfaced online. And, in the clip, Meghan’s voice appeared to include a bit of British twang. 

Watch the video below!

“Meghan Markle has a British accent and now I want one too,” one person wrote over the summer of Meghan’s British inflection with another similarly tweeting, “I just watched a video that showed Meghan Markle starting to have a British accent and I’m so here for it you have no idea.”

As Meghan has now lived in England for quite some time — she and hubby Harry reside at Kensington Palace’s Nottingham Cottage — it’s not really that surprising that she’s picked up a mild British accent.

“People who are rolling their eyes have likely not moved or stayed long term in another country before. This isn’t that crazy and I doubt it’s phoney,” Twitter user @TeriFikowski wrote earlier this year. Whether or not Meghan’s American accent totally changes over to British, one thing is for sure — we’ll continue adoring her whatever her voice sounds like!

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