What a reason to bond! Meghan Markle married Prince Harry back in May, and ever since they said “I do,” the newly minted Duchess of Sussex has been “writing her own rules.” And while we bet Queen Elizabeth isn’t the biggest fan of her mindset, someone else from the royal family allegedly is: Kate Middleton!

According to a Star source, Kate “finds Meghan to be a breath of fresh air. Kate loves that she’s so passionate about her charity work and unwilling to conform to the outdated rules. The insider added, in the magazines newest issue, on newsstands now, that “they have such a special bond.” 

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But she’s not the only one who’s thrilled with Meg’s modern approach. Her hubby is super impressed with how his new wife has adjusted to her new lifestyle. “He adores Meghan and is in awe of the way she’s handled her entire life being turned upside down,” the source continued. “Together, they’re ready to change the monarchy forever — even if that means bending the rules.”

Over the past few months, Meghan, 36, has raised eyebrows of royal fans on a number of occasions despite her extensive etiquette training before the wedding. Between wearing a messy bun at numerous outings, shutting her own car door, giving her own speech at her wedding reception, showing PDA with Harry, and more, Meg has certainly shaken things up within the monarchy.

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However, an “independent” Meghan is also reportedly doing her best to make everyone happy while bending the typical royal protocol a bit. “She’s balancing her desire to be her own person with her respect for the queen and her duties,” the insider added. “She takes her new job extremely seriously, but she also wants to be a trailblazer in bringing the monarchy into the modern age.” You go, girl!

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