After spending nearly 50 years in the Hollywood spotlight, Marie Osmond definitely knows a thing or two about the importance of self-care. So what does the singer regularly do to keep looking and feeling her best at age 59? “Chocolate is excellent. But no, I drink a lot of water and I love walking. I love reading and so I’ll just get books on tape and walk and it’s kind of my therapy,” she told reporters at the Hollywood Beauty Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 17.

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During last night’s special event, Marie was honored with the Everlasting Beauty Award and revealed more about her self-care routine during her acceptance speech. “When it comes to beauty, it’s very simple to me. Exercise, sleep is important, although I have eight children and that’s difficult and I have four grandchildren and two more on the way. Ain’t that fun? I know. But to me, the best way to get a beauty award is to work with the best hair and makeup people on the planet,” she gushed.

Marie Osmond
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And when it comes to aging gracefully in the spotlight, Marie added, “From now on, I’ve decided that when anybody asks me my age, I’m just going to look at them and say, I am timeless.”

Since Marie has had such a long and successful music career, the star also opened up about one of the biggest lessons she’s learned over the years. “I’ve been through a lot of life … I was the first celebrity to talk about … I wrote a book about postpartum depression. You know, I think with the world the way it is right now and I’ve watched generations go through things, I think the most important thing is to not be afraid,” she told reporters at the event. “I know that we’re, I grew up in the ‘70s where we really did fight for, to be strong women. But in our strength, I hope we don’t lose our greatest gift is our femininity. I grew up with a whole bunch of brothers and a whole lot of men. You know, we’re kind of the nucleus of home and family and love and world and I hope we never lose that part.”