The Osmond siblings have been on our television sets for quite some time now, as we seen them sing, act, write and more. But who exactly is the most talented of them all? Well Marie Osmond was recently asked that question.

On Tuesday, January 8, the 59-year-old entertainer sat down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live to chat it up about various topics. But Marie got thrown a curveball when a viewer called in to ask her which of her siblings has the most talent. And let’s not forget that aside from Donny Osmond, Marie has seven siblings.

“I would not say me,” Marie began with a laugh. “I just did a show in Hawaii where I honored my four original Osmond brothers and it was their sixth decade… Two of them retired, [but] I got two of them out of retirement [for this performance]. And they’ve sold like 100 million records, that’s like crazy, right?” Marie added, “And I don’t think they were ever honored. My brother Merrill is just… he still has this awesome voice. He’s a rocker and he still sings fantastic. Of course, I think Donny is… average. Donny is very talented. They’re all talented in their own way but, man, Merrill’s voice is just still unbelievable.”

Merrill, 65, is the fourth oldest Osmond sibling. He was part of the band, The Osmonds, as well as the group’s country spin-off, The Osmond Brothers. Merrill has also been knighted twice. So it’s no surprise that his only sister thinks he’s the cream of the crop.

Merrill Osmond
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Donny, who is currently working on his 62nd album — yes, that’s not a joke at all —  is obviously more than “average,” and Marie once told Closer Weekly of the strong bond she has with him. “We can finish each other’s sentences and we know what each other’s thinking, but we never see eye-to–eye,” Marie once said. She added, “That’s our chemistry: it’s toxic. [Laughs]. We are very different people. He loves everything organized and structured, while I like to breathe within the structure of the show. I’m always throwing a curveball at him. He goes crazy and it makes me laugh so I keep doing it.”

Well when it comes down to it, while each Osmond sibling is individually talented, they create something quite special when they all join forces.