You learn something new every day! In a new post Marie Osmond shared to Instagram on Sunday, May 19, she revealed different ways people can handle negativity and embracing positivity in life based on some helpful advice from her friend Valerie — a therapist.

“She said ‘We all have positive and uplifting thoughts that are based in love and light or we have negative and destructive thoughts that are based in fear and darkness,'” Marie recalled. “Negative thoughts lead to darkness and will always lie to you and never give you joy, so THROW THEM AWAY!! On the other hand, positive thoughts make you happy and fill you with light so you feel good, keep these!”

Marie Osmond
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In Marie’s uplifting post, she also talked about the importance of therapy and revealed why everyone should talk to a professional about their mental health.

“I didn’t have therapists growing up to get through the pain of my abuse as a child and I never shared it with anyone till later in my life,” the “Paper Roses” singer admitted. “My peace came from the example and unconditional love I received from my best friend, my Mom. She helped me to love reading and learning about God who truly is the source of all love and strength.”

After Marie’s sweet post went live, her fans thanked her for her inspirational advice.

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“Marie, thank you for this message. I needed this reminder today. It really is that simple,” one followers said in the comments. Another wrote, “Happy and blessed Sunday to you Marie. Thank you, as always, for sharing yourself with us! 🌸💕🌸.”

It’s no wonder CBS chose Marie to replace Roseanne and The Conners star Sara Gilbert as a cohost on the popular daytime program The Talk. She gives really great advice!

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