Since undergoing a 107-pound weight loss with the help of gastric sleeve surgery in 2012, Lisa Lampanelli has been happier and healthier than ever — but admits she still struggles to keep her weight in check today.

“It’s easy to drop the weight, but keeping it off is such a struggle. It’s emotional eating, so every time something bad happens, you just have to look yourself in the eyes and ask, ‘Am I physically hungry?’ Because if not, you can’t eat it. And you just have to feel the feeling,” the 55-year-old comedienne said in a previous interview about her impressive weight loss journey.

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Lisa in 2012 (left) and in 2017 (right).

And even though she’s cut the pounds, she still treats herself whenever she can. “I always cheat with dark chocolate, or I’m a fanatic for popcorn — thank god it never really goes to cake. But when I cheat, it’s such a small amount that I can’t beat myself up,” she added to People at the time.

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In addition to altering her diet, Lisa has been busy hitting the gym to ensure she keeps the excess weight off for good going forward. “I have the sweetest personal trainer in the world, but she doesn’t let me get away with anything. We do weights at least two to three times a week because strength training is really what I need,” she added of her exercise regimen.

During a November 2014 interview with Closer Weekly, Lisa explained that her gastric sleeve operation is a type of gastric bypass surgery where doctors make the stomach smaller to help patients lose a significant amount of weight by restricting food intake.

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“It’s very simple, laparoscopic, quick, recovery is easy,” she exclusively told Closer of the surgery. “Basically [you] just have a very small stomach, like you were supposed to before you stretched it all out of proportion.”