Get it, girl!

Tia Mowry has been open and honest about her struggles to lose weight in the past — but it looks like she finally found something that works for her! She took to Instagram to reveal how she lost 20 pounds, and she’s showing off her amazing results by flaunting her toned stomach in a bikini!

“I love me,” the 38-year-old captioned the photo. “And that's all that matters! Ps, this photo is NOT photoshopped one bit! Those that think so can kiss my a–!”

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Fans flooded the comments section with praise, and many of them complimented Tia’s long, toned legs and told her how great she looks in her bikini.

“You look great! Don't let them steal your shine,” one fan wrote. “This is what a real body looks like. Sometimes people forget. Gorgeous!”

Other fans told her that she’s inspired them to make changes to their own diets in order to live a healthier lifestyle, and the Tia Mowry at Home star gave away her secret in an Instagram post last month—she cleaned up her diet by cooking the recipes in her new cookbook, Whole New You.

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Last year, Tia revealed that she had been diagnosed with endometriosis — a painful disorder that affects one in 10 women of reproductive age. Because the disorder affects the uterus, one of the symptoms is infertility, and Tia admitted that she struggled to get pregnant with her six-year-old son Cree, whom she shares with her husband Cory Hardrict.

But she revealed to People that she was using her diet in order to treat her symptoms, and she published all of her tips and favorite recipes in her book full of foods that help reduce inflammation — which is what causes her symptoms to flare up.

“What I eat and what I put into my body is extremely important to me,” she wrote in her book.