It’s one of the sweetest friendships in Hollywood, and Lily Tomlin had nothing but kind words to say about her pal of 40 years, Jane Fonda.

“She’s incredibly well-fit for her age and even not for her age, for someone who’s 20 years old she’d be well-fit … she never stopped,” the 79-year-old said during her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, April 19.  Lily also revealed that she has quite the way of keeping up with Jane while exercising.

“I have worked out with her and I faked it very well,” she said.

The pair, who currently star in Netflix’s Grace and Frankie together, also teamed up for their huge 1980 hit 9 to 5  — and a reboot of the film is in production. “They’re writing it at the moment,” Lily said of the movie, which will bring them and Dolly Parton together again.

Lily Tomlin Jane Fonda Dolly Parton
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“Jane and I were just chatting about it recently — and we hope that we live to see it!” the All of Me costar joked. “I said to her the other day, ‘I wonder which one of us will go first.'”

Lily, who turns 80 in September, also said she is sure the Monster-In-Law star will be a part of her birthday — a bash she wants to incorporate a change to fundraiser into. “I think I’ll do it for the upcoming LGBT center here in LA,” she said.

Jane Fonda Lily Tomlin
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This isn’t the first time the pair have opened up about their friendship — they have spoken about their time on the set of their popular Netflix show too. “Once, I had to say the line, ‘Do you want me to blow some of my courage into your mouth?’ and we couldn’t stop laughing,” Lily recalled at a PaleyFest event for the show in Los Angeles.

“It went on for 30 minutes — the crew was furious at us!” Jane added. The funny duo also agreed that in order to live a long life you have to have a sense of humor. “You just need to be playful,” Lily said.

Here’s hoping these two are friends for 40 more years!