First, she was the star of King of Queens, and now she appears alongside her co-star Kevin James on the new sitcom Kevin Can Wait. But what many fans have noticed over the past 20 years of Leah Remini‘s TV career is that her figure has changed a lot. Leah has expressed in the past that it was because of her pregnancy — and she’s not happy with how the media perceived her 80-pound weight gain.

“No one wanted to talk about how I actually did lose the weight, just that I got fat,” Leah — who welcomed her daughter, Sophia Bella, in 2004 — told People back in 2007. “When you have a baby and you are not blessed with a metabolism [such] that you can get back into your jeans the very next day, it becomes something to focus on. I don’t even blame the papers. They are making money from it. But the people who are buying it?”

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Leah and her daughter.

Leah claimed the worst part for her was that it while to drop the pounds. “Which actress has a baby and is still fat a year later? I was the only one. It was very hard on me mentally,” she told People when her daughter was two years old.

Leah — who has also been rumored to have gotten a plethora of plastic surgery procedures — quickly bounced back by trying the First Personal Diet, which, according to its website, focuses on a balanced eating plan as a healthy and natural solution for hormonal imbalance. “I learned that you have to do something that works long term,” Leah once said on her blog. “I know it sounds trite, but you have to make a real commitment to yourself as a lifestyle change.” We think she looks better than ever today!