In the 17 years Law and Order and its respective spin-offs, Special Victims Unit and Criminal Intent, have been on the air, a plethora of actors have been featured on the show. In fact, so many celebrities have appeared on the crime program that it’s a little odd when a famous person hasn’t been on either of the three shows at least once. Whether it was their first acting gig or a high-profile role, the famous guest stars are one of the things that make us love the show even more. Although Stabler and Benson are a close second.

There has been a parade of well-known faces on all three of the NBC dramas, from John Stamos to even Julia Roberts. However, the craziest thing is that, because there are so many episodes, it’s impossible to remember all the stars that have graced the L&R stage — until now. Watch the video to see a list of the biggest guest stars to be featured on the shows.

When Julia appeared on the show in 1999, she was still dating Law and Order actor Benjamin Bratt. At the time, her star power was one of the show’s biggest, and producers were excited about having such a huge celebrity guest star on their show. But according to show creator Dick Wolf, Julia was super humble about the experience of being on the small screen.

“We’ve had so many great people appearing on the show, everyone from Samuel L. Jackson to William Macy, but Julia is really the ultimate,” Wolf said back in 1999. “There were those who thought she would be the 800-pound gorilla. But she could not have been more courteous,”

And now we suddenly have the urge to binge watch all 19 seasons of SVU — again.