Ever since welcoming his newborn daughter in July, Kevin McKidd can’t help but bask in the glory of fatherhood. Although the arrival of Nava James marked the birth of his fourth child, the Grey’s Anatomy star said he’s never felt this calm, cool and collected when it comes to raising his little bundle of joys.

“I am more relaxed now than I was during my first marriage with my other children,” the 46-year-old hunk recently shared with People, referring to his 18-year marriage with ex-wife Jane Parker. “I appreciate the process more. It was stressful for me then.”

Kevin — who shares son Joseph, 19, and daughter Iona, 17, with Jane, as well as son Aiden, 1, and Nava, 5 months, with wife Arielle Goldrath — then opened up about parenting a newborn with his wife of one year. “We take turns [getting up at 5:30 a.m. with her],” he revealed. “I often have to be on the set of Grey’s Anatomy at 6 a.m., so I do it then.”

The Made of Honor actor even gave a sweet update on his adorable baby girl. “She is content, happy and all smiles!” the proud dad marveled. “Plus, she sleeps really well.”

Fans can’t believe how big baby Nava is getting considering it feels like just yesterday when Kevin announced the birth of his youngest child. At the time, the handsome hunk took to Instagram to share the super exciting news of his daughter’s birth by sharing a snapshot of the little tot along with a heartwarming message.

“I’m so happy to announce the arrival of our little baboo — Nava James McKidd,” the doting daddy captioned a photo of his newborn daughter laying on wife Arielle’s chest. “She is amazing and our whole family feels blessed.”

Although raising a newborn sounds like a lot, Kevin and Arielle’s hands are extra full considering Aiden and Nava are only 14 months apart in age. While chatting with the outlet in early November, Kevin revealed how proud he is of his little man’s milestone accomplishments.

“It’s pretty amazing,” he shared at the time. “And he’s got certain words now, like ‘hungry’ … and he’s learning how to say ‘I love you.’ Which is a pretty key thing for human beings developmentally; I think we all need to learn how to say the words ‘I love you,’ because we don’t say it enough.” So cute!