It doesn’t come as a shock that Kelly Ripa has one of the most desirable bodies around! Even though working out is a huge part of Kelly’s life, she admitted that being thin is just how her body was made. But it wasn’t until she went to a cardiologist that she realized the importance of exercising.

“The more you exercise, the healthier it is,” Kelly recently shared of her doctor’s advice to The Cut. “And I can be honest: My body looks like Peter Pan no matter what I do. I’ve never been a va-va-voom woman.” Her petite figure has even solicited many unwanted body shamers on the 48-year-old’s social media.

But perhaps her intense workout regime is what keeps the blonde beauty in tip-top shape. “I like to take AKT, which is cardio-based dance classes, about four to five days a week between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. And I like to do SoulCycle on the weekends. In the summer, I like to run in Central Park because I think it’s so gorgeous.”

Kelly’s dedication to exercise is pretty impressive after hearing the list of day-to-day obligations she has. According to the Live! With Kelly And Ryan host, she gets her fuel by having a lot of coffee throughout the day. “I wake up around 5:30 a.m. or 6:00 a.m. in the morning,” she admitted. “I make a Bullet Coffee at home in the morning. I have a Starbucks latte when I get to Live!. Then I will have a half a coffee after the show wraps. I have a great energy level. I don’t nap, and I fear that if I did nap it would probably make me stay awake all night.”

But between hosting Live! and making it to the gym, Kelly always knows when it’s time to relax with the family. Plus, the NJ native dished that her schedule is much easier now that her children, Michael, 21, Lola, 17, and Joaquin, 15, are older now.


“I make dinner or we order in, depending on the night of the week. Joaquin is the last to eat so I’m reheating his dinner,” Kelly shared. “Lately we’ve had this bizarre routine of watching Hoarders. It used to be on A&E but the kids found it on Netflix. They’ll climb into bed with me and we watch a couple episodes.” So cute!

And when it comes to the weekends, you better know she’s spending it with her husband, Mark Consuelos. “If he is [home], I tend to stay in bed longer,” she revealed. “I make a nice big breakfast. We have stuff we don’t normally eat — pancakes, bagels, that kind of stuff. If Mark isn’t home, I tend to go to exercise class in the morning before the kids get up and then spend the day trying to declutter.” We love Kelly’s dedication!