She may be one of the biggest stars in daytime television, but Kelly Ripa couldn’t help but get all excited when she received quite the gift from a fan: Donny and Marie Osmond dolls!

“I got something in the mail … once in a while something happens when I jump out of my skin from excitement,” the 49-year-old said earlier this week on Live With Kelly and Ryan. “I open this package from a woman named Debbie Gallagher. … She said nice very nice things, and I think all women of a certain age — we all feel connected to each other.” The TV personality then revealed the incredible gifts that were in the box.

“[Debbie] was in an estate sale and she found these Donny and Marie Osmond dolls,” the All My Children alum continued, while showing off the toys.  “As a kid this was basically my life — this is what I talked about, fantasied about … this is who I played with … these were my best friends.”

Kelly Ripa Donny and Marie Osmond
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“She picked these up for me and they’re still in the box,” the mother-of-three said. She then mentioned a notable name. “Shoutout to Andy Cohen — if you want to come play with Donny and Marie later …” Kelly joked. The blonde beauty then of course couldn’t help but to gush about Debbie once more.

“Thank you very much! This is amazing!” Kelly said. We’re sure that the “Paper Roses” singer loved seeing Kelly get all excited about receiving these dolls — in fact, Marie is also all about handing out gifts. This past Christmas, the entertainer gave her The Talk cohost Eve a knitted sweater for her dog Hendrix.

Donny and Marie Osmond
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“He needed something to keep him warm,” Marie told the rapper. However, the famous performer would also be given a present. Sheryl Underwood gave her quite the gingerbread house labeled “The Osmond House.” 

“I can tell you made it,” the entertainer joked while admiring the house. So funny!

It is clear to see that even after all these years, Donny and Marie memorabilia still fills people with joy. We can’t wait to see what Kelly receives next from fans!