Having a career as a musician might not be in the stars for Kelly Clarkson‘s two kids, River Rose Blackstock, 4, and Remington Blackstock, 2. When the American Idol alumna recently spoke at a press conference after The Voice‘s Season 15 finale, she opened up about the difficulties of being in the music industry and said that she hopes her kids will choose a different career.

“I hope they are teachers or doctors or something,” she joked to reporters. “It’s a hard industry.” Though Kelly rose to fame from her unwavering determination and constant hard work, admitted she doesn’t want her kids to have to push themselves past their abilities to succeed in Hollywood. “I seriously hope they are tone deaf,” she joked again.

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On The Voice, Kelly helped two contestants, Chevel Shepherd, 16, and Brynn Cartelli, 15, win the singing competition. Even though Kelly was their mentor on the TV series, she still gave them and their families great advice on how to deal with fame outside of the show. “I warned Brynn’s mom… I’m like, ‘Hold onto them!’” Kelly said. ”‘Hug them and tell them really nice things because people are mean.’ That’s horrible, but it is reality.”

One of the people who gave Kelly some hard critiques was her own mom, Jeanne Taylor, but it helped the star become a better singer and better mentor on the show. “I’m afraid of what kind of mom I would be,” Kelly said about being a stage mom to her mentees. “I think I would be my mom… She would be like, ‘I have heard better but it was solid!’”

However, when Kelly parents her daughter, she uses a different approach to make sure that River grows up to be very strong and successful. “She will run a company one day because there’s no way she’s gonna work for anyone,” Kelly explained during a previous interview with People. “She does not heed advice very well. She’s just very ballsy, which is awesome!”