Early Bird or Night Owl? When singer Kelly Clarkson was asked which category she considers herself to be a part of during the new series, Voice Coaches on Blast, she confessed that nothing can make her happy when she wakes up before dawn — not even her family!

“Even with four children, I am not a morning person,” Kelly hilariously shared. “I love the night. I’m a vampire!” Kelly parents her two kids, River Rose Blackstock, 4, and Remington Blackstock, 2, with her 41-year-old husband, Brandon Blackstock. She’s also a stepmom to Brandon’s two other children, Savannah, 17, and son Seth, 13, from his previous marriage.

On the show, Kelly continued to share a few more interesting fun facts about herself. For example, she said that her favorite superhero is “the original Michael Keaton’s Batman,” but Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman takes the cake for her favorite superhero now.

As for her favorite boy band, she gave a nod to the famous ’90s R&B group Boyz II Men and noted that she doesn’t “feel guilty” about her favorite guilty pleasure TV show. “I loved Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman when I was a kid,” she said with a laugh. “I don’t feel guilty about it. It’s amazing. She was a pioneer!”

Kelly, 36, continued, “My favorite book when I was a kid was Matilda by Roald Dahl. My favorite book grown-up is Jane Eyre. Boy, that says a lot about me with those two.” And even though Kelly is busy parenting her kids or working as a coach on The Voice, she still finds time to do her favorite hobby.

“I love quilting,” the “Breakaway” singer gushed. “I love putting on vinyl and having wine and quilting. It’s fun! I’m not great at it, but I like it.” Maybe Kelly might make her two kids a lovely blanket one day. She’s already a great singer so she probably sings them a beautiful song every night before they go to bed, too!