All Nicole Kidman wants for Christmas this year is for her husband, Keith Urban, to sing at their Christmas Eve party! And it looks like good ole St. Nick granted the actresses’ wish as the country crooner shared to Instagram a snap of him jamming on his guitar. “My wife’s got me gigging at our own Christmas Eve party… #keepinitreal,” Keith wrote.

Many fans were quick to express their excitement over the “Blue Ain’t Your Color” singer’s Christmas Eve set-list. “Of course she does! Smart lady!” one fan said. “Well, duh. Who better suited?” wrote another. One fan was even able to relate. “So I guess you’re not the only one who’s wife makes them do this?” the user wrote accompanied by multiple laughing-face emojis.

While having your award-winning husband play some tunes at your family’s Christmas Eve party is far from ordinary, we imagine the rest of their merry celebration will be low-key. This assumption comes after the power couple claimed to “actually have a very normal life” when they aren’t working, Hello! recently reported.

You probably don’t agree, but Nicole gets that all the time. “We say this over and over again and people always go, ‘Yeah, right,’ but we do,” Nicole said of people questioning their level of normalcy.

In fact, the 51-year-old actress insisted that they are able to keep much more of their life private considering they stay out of Hollywood as much as they can. “We live in Nashville, not in LA, and we live there for a reason,” the Big Little Lies star said of their quiet lives when she isn’t filming for a role or her country music star hubby isn’t away on tour. “I like the peacefulness of it there, I like the solitude.”

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And while she loves the glitz and glamour of LA, she also loves the open fields of Tennessee. “I like being able to step into the celebrity life for a moment when I need to, and then back out to all the day-to-day things.” She especially appreciates the uncomplicated life when it comes to the couple’s two daughters, Sunday, 10, and Faith, 8.

Though Nicole expressed how much she loves flip-flopping between the two (completely different cities), nothing feels quite like home. But luckily for the Aquaman actress, it seems that she is home for the holidays in her native Australia based on her hubby’s attire in the photo he shared. “You must be in Australia since you have shorts on. It’s summer down under. When I use to work at Disneyland there would be so many Aussies and Kiwis at Disneyland in December. Because of how hot it was in Australia,” one fan interpreted.

Either way, we hope Keith kills his holiday gig (which he totally will) and we wish the Kidman-Urban family a very merry Christmas!