As a way to celebrate their mom’s final episode on Today, Kathie Lee Gifford‘s kids — son Cody Gifford, 29, and daughter Cassidy Gifford, 25 — made the 65-year-old the sweetest video to mark the end of her 11-year career on the show.

“To you, mom is a TV legend. To us, she is a legendary mom,” Cody said. Cassidy continued, “The biggest life lessons that I personally ever learned from my mom [is if] you have a pulse, you have a purpose.”

Cody had another helpful tidbit that his mom taught him. “The best advice I have ever gotten from mom actually came from her father, Pop Pop, and he had told her at a very early age find something you love to do and then figure out a way to get paid for it.”

The two also paid tribute to Hoda Kotb, their mom’s longtime cohost and BFF.

When Hoda came into our lives there is this little spark, this little flame inside of mom that we’ve all seen it and it radiates outwards,” they said, noting that Hoda, 54, set the benchmark high for what a real friend can be. “It is a family there. It has been a family for a very long time.”

As for what they want next for their mom, it’s for her to “rest” and “just chill out for a little while.” That said, they know she will be focused on “movies, music [and] spending time with friends.”

Watch the video above to see Cody and Cassidy’s heartwarming tribute to their mom!