Is Kate Middleton gearing up to take over the British throne from Queen Elizbeth? Ever since the Duchess of Cambridge tied the knot with Prince William in a lavish royal wedding back in 2011, people have been curious about when exactly Kate will become Queen of England. Scroll down to see everything we know about Kate becoming Queen in the future!

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Will Kate Middleton ever take over the throne from Queen Elizabeth?

Yes, eventually! When Queen Elizabeth either passes away or abdicates the throne — and the latter is not likely! — her eldest son, Prince Charles, will be crowned King of England. At that time, his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, will become Queen Consort. And, Charles’ eldest son, William, and his wife, Kate, will probably be given the upgraded Prince and Princess of Wales titles. Fancy, right? According to the British royal family’s line of succession, the next monarch after Charles will be William (with Kate then becoming Queen Consort), then his son, Prince George, then his daughter, Princess Charlotte, and then Prince Louis. Right now, the sixth person in line for the throne is William’s younger brother, Prince Harry.

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When will Kate Middleton become Queen?

We’re not totally sure! If Queen Elizabeth, 92, lives to be 100 years old, and the next King, Prince Charles, 70, also lives to be 100 it could be another 38 years before Prince William and Kate Middleton take over the British throne. At that time, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be 74 years old and their kids, George, Charlotte, and Louis would be ages 43, 41, and 38, respectively. Perhaps by that time, the Cambridge children will be parents themselves, making Kate and William grandparents!

What royal title will Kate Middleton get when she’s Queen?

When Prince William one-day becomes the King of England, his wife, Kate, will likely hold the Queen Consort title since she was not born royal herself.

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