Just when you thought the mother and daughter relationship between Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte couldn’t get any more adorable, the Duchess of Cambridge reportedly kicked it up a notch. While finishing up some last-minute Christmas shopping, the duo was spotted at a British discount store called The Range.

According to royal admirer Sarah Daniels, the 36-year-old mama was supposedly heard saying “get up, Poppet” to Charlotte, 3, as she sat on the floor. “As I was looking at the shelves I noticed a tall, dark-haired lady further down the aisle and thought to myself, ‘I recognize that face,'” Daniels said of Kate, who was dressed casually in jeans, low-heeled boots, and a jacket, to Daily Mail on Sunday, Dec. 23.

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It wasn’t until Sarah allegedly heard Prince George say, “Charlotte, pick that up,” that she realized it was the beloved Duchess and her kiddos. “We are used to all the pomp and ceremony that goes with the royal family,” she dished. “But it was great to see Kate shopping with her children in the kind of discount store the rest of us use.”

So cute, right? Well, it gets cuter. Apparently, the sweet moniker is used as a term of endearment within the Cambridge family as Prince William has been known to call his wife “Poppet” in the past.

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Luckily for royal fanatics, that wasn’t the only adorable thing to happen while on their shopping spree. During their outing, the five-year-old reportedly showed a keen interest in what he referred to as “dinosaur slime.”

The blonde-headed toddler supposedly asked his mom if he could buy some of the “slime,” which so happens to be a popular school playground fad in the UK. While Daniels said she “didn’t register a response” from Kate, we assume she bought her son the toy because who seriously could say no to that face?

During their last-minute shopping trip, Kate was seen buying pictures, children’s books, and materials needed for art, The Sun reported. While it’s assumed that the mom-of-three was purchasing Christmas gifts for her fellow family members, many wondered what brought the royal into the low-key shopping store. “I did a double-take when I saw her,” one fan explained. “You don’t expect to see royals shopping at The Range.” This proves to be another reason why royals are just like us!

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