It’s a private affair! Kate Hudson‘s 40th birthday is right around the corner and she already knows exactly how she plans to celebrate it. In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actress, 39, teased that she wants her Friday, April 19 birthday to be very “fun” but also very private.

“We were just talking about that in the car. [It will be] fun,” she joked, but also told the ET reporter that she’s “not gonna know about any of it.” Since it seems like Kate is not planning on doing a huge party like her friend Jennifer Aniston, she might just want to do something small with her family at her house.

She might even invite her 15-year-old son Ryder Robinson’s father, Chris Robinson, and her  7-year-old son, Bingham Hawn Bellamy’s dad, Matt Bellamy, to the party since she has a great coparenting relationship with them.

“When you get divorced, you’re still in a relationship. It’s just a different kind of relationship,” Kate previously explained on Divorce Sucks! with Laura Wasser. “You’re going to have good days, you’re going to have bad days, you’re going to have good weeks, bad weeks.” Even though she’s no longer with Matt or Chris, Kate said she allows her kids to decide if they want to have a relationship with their fathers or not.

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“Kids are not only incredibly intelligent, but eventually they can make their mind up themselves,” she said. “They will see with their own eyes whatever needs to be seen and they need to come to that on their own terms. It’s not our place to tell them how to feel about the other parents. I think that’s so important.” If Kate does end up throwing a party for her 40th birthday, we hope she posts all of the great pics to Instagram!