Even though the thought of a crying baby disturbing your sleep every half hour may chill some people to the bone, that apparently won’t stop Kate Beckinsale from considering having another child.

The 45-year-old actress, who has a daughter named Lily, 19, with her former partner of eight years, actor Michael Sheen, recently sat down with Tatler and expressed to the magazine that she has not shut the door on having kids yet. “I definitely would, but then I think, ‘Oh God, I annihilated my twenties and I suddenly get a taste of freedom and annihilate myself again?’ But I am open to seeing what happens,” Kate said, making sure Lily knows how much she destroyed her mom’s twenties. Kate was married to director Les Wiseman for 12 years but no children came from that relationship, only a divorce came of that two years ago.

Kate Beckinsale
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Having kids wasn’t the only thing that was on Kate’s mind as she also addressed the “diva” claims with the magazine, saying that she believes men are the biggest divas of all. “All it used to take was somebody to say you were difficult or crazy,” Kate said. “Not just me, other people too. There are some people who are a nightmare, who keep everyone waiting for five hours and suddenly decide they need to have a llama on set … But the ones I know who pull that kind of behavior are men.” Then again, who hasn’t requested a llama at work?

Kate also revealed that she often finds herself being the only woman on film sets, saying, “It’s not every guy you can become platonic friends with,” adding, “Some people’s girlfriends aren’t really into that, or sometimes there might be a weird vibe.”

No word yet on when we will see a pregnant Kate, but you can see her next in the film Farming, out September 8. Now that’s a transition.