Well, it seems like Prince George and Princess Charlotte probably shouldn’t get used to Grandma Carole Middleton getting them their own Christmas tree moving forward as it is being reported that Kate Middleton and Prince William have decided not to spend Christmas with the Middletons in the future.

A source tells Us Weekly that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are all about spending future holidays away from Kate’s folks, saying “Moving forward, Kate and William will continue to do Sandringham every Christmas Eve and Day, as opposed to alternating years like they used to.” The source adds, “With the Queen and Prince Philip’s advancing ages, skipping years isn’t an option anymore.” Queen Elizabeth is 92 while Philip is 97, so while it seems like the Queen will be around forever, chances are she won’t be so this reported decision makes sense.

The source also adds that Kate and William are doing everything in their power to spend time with George, Charlotte, and Prince Louis. “It’s important to them that their kids share childhood traditions like their school pals,” the source says. And because of that, Kate and William will reportedly follow through will all the typical Christmas traditions, including leaving something out for Santa. No word yet if this also includes staying up late to wrap presents for their kids all while commenting on how most of these toys will be played with for about an hour before being tossed aside.

William and Kate
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Carole and her husband, Michael Middleton, shouldn’t feel too down though as the married pair can still take advantage of this year’s festivities with their grandchildren. They will also have Prince Harry and Meghan Markle there to distract them as the source adds that everyone will “be staying in the big house with the Queen” for Christmas. And hopefully, all is well because an earlier report suggested that the Queen is nervous that the alleged feud between Meghan and Kate may ruin Christmas.

Carole and Michael
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But for now, let’s all just hope that everyone can get along this Christmas. If not, that palace is big enough for everyone to go their separate ways and not ever have to cross paths. Hey, not speaking with family members during the holidays is a family tradition many Americans take part in.

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