“Big mistake. Big. Huge.” Julia Roberts uttered this iconic line in one of 1990’s Pretty Woman more memorable scenes but, according to the movie star, it perhaps could be used to describe the film itself if it came out in 2019.

“I don’t really think you could make that movie now, right?” the 51-year-old suggested to The Guardian. “So many things you could poke a hole in, but I don’t think it takes away from people being able to enjoy it.”

Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman'
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Pretty Woman, directed by the late Gary Marshall, tells the story of a prostitute named Vivian (played by Julia) and a wealthy businessman named Edward (played by Richard Gere). She’s sassy. He’s ruthless. After a chance encounter, Edward hires Vivian as an escort for a week and, in true rom-com fashion, the two fall in love. The film now lives on as a Broadway musical that premiered last summer.

The role earned Julia her second Academy Awards nomination — the first coming the year prior for Steel Magnolias. It also came exactly a decade before she eventually won for Erin Brockovich in 2001. Since then, Julia has snagged another Oscar nomination for 2013’s August: Osage County.

Whether or not Pretty Woman would be made today, Julia considers herself lucky for being cast. Why? She only got the part after at least eight other major actresses turned it down.

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in 'Pretty Woman'
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“It really is not a measure of talent, particularly in the beginning,” Julia revealed. “It’s a measure of good fortune — and being able to have your wits about you enough to make something out of that good fortune.”

In the latest issue of Closer Weekly, on newsstands now, an insider explained that Julia and Richard — who also costarred in 1999’s Runaway Bride (also directed by Gary) — have always had a special bond. And, should they get the chance, they’d work together again in a heartbeat.

“Lightning doesn’t always strike twice,” the insider noted. “But if the right opportunity presented itself, they’d do it. It would be amazing to pair them up after all these years.”