After welcoming their first child together, Billy, in April 2018, John Stamos and wife Caitlin McHugh couldn’t wait to have another kid. That said, just when they were ready to expand their brood, they realized that their living situation wasn’t quite ideal.

“We were living in John’s bachelor pad, basically, that he’s been in for 13 years and it’s a beautiful house … [but] it wasn’t conducive to raising a family,” Caitlin recently explained to Entertainment Tonight. “I decided, let’s wait until we move — which we recently did.”

The couple has since settled down in a beautiful neighborhood in Los Angeles and, now that all that’s been said and done, they’re talking about welcoming another baby again.

“We’re all about community now, we moved into Hidden Hills … We’re settling in the house in the new area and now feels like the time to really try [to have another child],” Caitlin gushed. “We’re not [pregnant] yet, but we are trying. We’ll see, hopefully in the new year we’ll be able to add to our family.”

Caitlin and John have also put a lot of thought into how many kids they want all together. “I’d be happy with one more,” the dark-haired beauty revealed. “My arms can only grab so many children at once. I might get a little stressed out with more than two. I don’t know, we’ll see!”

In fact, Caitlin has been having so much fun being a mom that she has been watching every little thing her son, Billy, does — like having his first kiss!

“He’s in this music class and he loves to give hugs and kisses to everyone. And there’s this one girl, he came up, gave her a hug, came out a little bit and grabbed her face and planted a huge kiss on her lips!” she jokingly revealed about him. “Part of me was like, ‘Do I stop it? Do I let this go? Do we have to teach about consent already!?’ He’s kind of young for this, but it was really adorable. He’s just a lover, and I’m grateful.”

It’s no doubt that Caitlin and John would be fabulous parents to baby No. 2!