John Candy’s two kids, Chris Candy and Jennifer Candy-Sullivan, shared touching tributes to their late father on the 30th anniversary of his death on Monday, March 4.

Jennifer took to Instagram to post a throwback picture of her family, writing, “30 years ago today … feels like both a lifetime with and without you. Miss you and love you always. #johncandy.”

She further reflected on her relationship with her dad and the advice he gave her.

“He was the best dad,” Jennifer told “He’d say, ‘Don’t worry what people think about you. Just be your authentic self.'”

“The other thing about my dad, is that he was the ultimate family guy,” she added. “That’s the reason he didn’t want to do Saturday Night Live. He knew the lifestyle wasn’t going to be healthy for him. He was smart in that way.”

When Jennifer welcomed son Finley John William, she was excited to reveal the little one’s middle name, as it pays homage to her late dad.

“He definitely looks like a Candy. He has my dad’s hair for sure,” she shared.

Chris also posted a throwback photo of his dad on his Instagram account. “All my love to my father today. #johncandy,” he penned.

John died in his sleep from a heart attack on March 4, 1994, at age 43. At the time of his death, he was filming Wagons East in Mexico. The movie was released five months later and was dedicated to the comedian.

John, who welcomed his kids with wife Rosemary Margaret Hobor, was loved by many in Hollywood, including his former costars.

“John’s comedy lives on, but my memory of him has the words ‘kindness’ and ‘sweetness’ in the headlines,” Steve Martin told People three decades after the Canadian actor’s sudden death.

John Candy smiling
Donaldson Collection/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

During his booming Hollywood career, John appeared in films like The Blues Brothers, Space Balls, Uncle Buck, Splash and more.

“When you were with John, he did something very few brilliantly funny and famous people do: He laughed at other people’s jokes,” Jon Turteltaub, director of 1993’s Cool Runnings, told the outlet, adding, “That’s actually a big deal. He made people feel welcome. He made people feel wanted.”

Rosemary also shared her own tribute to her late husband, whom she was married to from 1979 up until his death.

“With love … beautiful memories are forever. Miss you today,” the artist captioned a photo of John golfing on her Instagram page.