Hollywood funnyman John Candy was rather private about his marriage and family life before his death at age 43 in 1994. The comedian was married to his wife, Rosemary Margaret Hobor, for 15 years.

Who Was John Candy’s Wife?

Candy was born and raised in Canada, which is where he met his wife, Rosemary. She studied at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto in the late ‘60s. The pair got married in 1979, as his celebrity status continued to grow with roles in 1941, The Blues Brothers, Stripes, Splash and more.

In 1980, John and Rosemary moved to Los Angeles with their kids, Christopher and Jennifer. After the move, she continued her art studies at Brentwood Art Centre. Rosemary still currently works as an artist. According to her website, she is “working with porcelain clay and in painting working with water mixable oil paints on canvas” and “researching new glazes and water mixable oil paints.”

What Happened to John Candy?

Candy suffered a heart attack in his sleep on March 4, 1994, in Mexico while filming Wagons East. His tragic death was revealed to his costars on set.

“’None of us believed it would happen,” Frank Hober, Rosemary’s older brother said at the time, per People. “The whole family is in turmoil.”

The film was released five months after his death and was dedicated to the late star.

Inside John Candy’s Legacy

Candy’s former costars and his family continue to honor his memory and legacy in the decades since his death.

On her Instagram page, Rose shared a rare tribute to her late husband on Father’s Day in 2023.

“With love on this Fathers Day. Miss you. You imparted the gift of love and laughter to our children Jennifer and Christopher. They are amazing,” she captioned a photo of Candy.

On the 30th anniversary of the performer’s death in March 2024, Christopher shared a photo of his dad on his Instagram page, writing, “All my love to my father today. #johncandy.”

Several other Hollywood stars shared memories of working with Candy throughout his Hollywood takeover.

“I was scared to death to improv with him because it’s scary to me to begin with, but then to be faced with possibly doing it with a master? No,” Laurie Metcalf, who starred alongside Candy in Uncle Buck, told People. “So, I very cautiously stuck to the script. And I think he picked that up about me too. He was good at reading people and knowing what would make them comfortable.”