Rest in peace, Joe Jackson. On Wednesday, June 27, the Jackson family patriarch sadly died at age 89 after reportedly battling terminal cancer for some time. But, just a few months before his passing, Joe exclusively spoke to Closer Weekly in what would be one of his final red carpet interviews before his death.

While attending the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Award Party on March 4, the famed music manager was asked by Closer what he hoped for his showbiz family to accomplish in the future. “All of my family is famous and known everywhere. They’re known all over the world. When I say ‘everywhere,’ I mean all over the world. And I want them to keep it up and I hope they will,” Joe said. Watch the video of Closer‘s interview with Joe in the video above!

joe jackson michael jackson

Joe with his late son Michael.

Joe is, of course, a father to the late Michael Jackson and singer Janet Jackson. He and his wife, Katherine Jackson, married in 1949 and are parents to 10 children: Rebbie Jackson, 68, Jackie Jackson, 67, Tito Jackson, 64, Jermaine Jackson, 63, La Toya Jackson, 62, Marlon Jackson, 61, the late Brandon Jackson (he passed away in March 1957), Michael (he passed away in June 2009), Randy Jackson, 56, and Janet, 52. Joe is additionally a father to a 43-year-old daughter named Joh’Vonnie Jackson from his affair with Cheryl Terrell.

When his children were young, Joe famously became the Jackson 5’s talent manager and helped his kids reach super-stardom. When asked by Closer what he believed makes a star, Joe replied, “A lot of training, which is hard. And like what you’re doing. Because these days, kids want to play all the time. It’s ok for kids to play and be happy, but at the same time, think about the future and that’s what you have do.”

Our thoughts are with the Jackson family as they mourn the loss of Joe during this difficult time.

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