Fixer to Fabulous star Jenny Marrs has a “really fun” secret venture in the works with HGTV, she exclusively tells Closer

“We are doing another project in addition to our next season that is going to be out of town again, and it’s going to be actually out of the country,” the designer reveals. 

Jenny Marrs: New HGTV Project Is ‘Creatively Challenging’

While Jenny, 44, cannot divulge all of the details about her upcoming renovation, she hints that it will be unlike any project she and her husband, Dave Marrs, have ever tackled before. 

“We’re renovating a home for some friends of ours that live somewhere else,” she says. “Our family and their family are very close, and we’ve known them for many, many, many years and it’s going to be a really fun, creatively challenging experience.”

Jenny, who has partnered with Natrol – a leading sleep, mood and stress supplement brand – and Walmart, and Dave, 42, previously tackled another out-of-town design project while working with Erin and Ben Napier on Home Town Takeover. The Bentonville, Arkansas-based couple traveled to Colorado to help surprise families and businesses with renovations. Though they had to leave their five children, Nathan, Ben, Sylvie, Charlotte and Luke, while filming the season, the pair were touched by the work they got to do.

“We had to leave our kids for eight weeks,” Jenny reveals. “It was really, really, really challenging and hard. It was also very fulfilling. And we saw people’s lives being changed and we got to be a small part of that. It was really lovely and a really unique experience for us that we really enjoyed.”

While the parents of five are thrilled to have the opportunity to travel out of town for work, they are excited about a huge project close to home — opening their own store! The designer and the contractor renovated a historic building they’ve owned for a while and transformed it into a mercantile. Viewers will get to see the entire renovation process during the season 4 finale of Fixer to Fabulous

“It’ll be a space where we feature things that we love and products that we love that local artisans make, that artists that I work with will be having their artwork, just things that we really love and all small businesses,” Jenny explains. “We’ll be there, and I think it’ll be a really fun place to display those things and then just for our community to enjoy.”