She might make stripping look easy in the Hustlers trailer, but Jennifer Lopez proved pole dancing is not for the faint of heart in a brand new behind-the-scenes YouTube video. The iconic actress shared the 13-minute clip detailing how she perfected every hip twist and hand placement that goes into working the pole to play Ramona.

“This is just hard as anything I’ve ever learned,” the 50-year-old beauty can be heard admitting in the clip. For her role, Jen worked with professional pole dancer Johanna Sapakie — who installed portable stripper poles in her homes in Miami, Los Angeles and New York City in order to practice. There, Jen was able to learn everything about stripping, from pulling off the most basic spins to mastering the most complicated, acrobatic moves. “It might be one of the hardest,” she insisted.

Dressed in athleisure paired with sky-high stilettos, the Second Act star showed off her crazy pole dancing moves that she had dedicated the past few months to mastering. In fact, the “Jenny From the Block” songstress dished she even had to build more muscle to have enough strength to hang on the pole for minutes at a time.

Despite being physically exhausting, Jen revealed that pole dancing can also be painful. In one part of the video, the loving mom of two showed off the gnarly bruises she collected up and down the inner part of her legs. Jen was even heard hilariously shouting, “Ugh! My crotch!” after sliding down a pole in an uncomfortable way.


Although she got a few bruises here and there, the former The Voice judge — who is starring alongside Constance Wu, Cardi B, Lili Reinhart, Lizzo, Keke Palmer and others — completely mastered her skills despite only having less than four months to prepare. “Cardi was telling me it took her years — like she’s great at it — but it took her years to figure out all of this stuff,” she explained.

Luckily, Jen was able to nail her pole dancing skills with the help of the professional pole dancer and because of her passionate work ethic. “The goal was to make her look like she’s been doing it for decades,” Johanna recently told FOX Business. “She came into the process very fit, but within the training process, everything got even tighter, even leaner, and even more toned.”

To see Jen kill it on the dance pole, be sure to check out Hustlers when it hits theaters on Friday, September 13!