She’s glowing! Jennifer Garner reportedly has a new romantic interest in her life and, according to a new OK! magazine report, the Camping actress has fallen head-over-heels in love with her HBO co-star Arturo Del Puerto.

“They began as friends, but it turned into something more,” a source recently revealed. “It was clear to everyone on-set that the sparks were there.” Jennifer seemingly had a ton of fun shooting her new comedy series, too. “I felt happy and light on-set. It’s good for you to laugh for 12 hours a day,” she recently said to OK!.  

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Jennifer is allegedly so enamoured for the actor that she can’t wait to go to work just to see Arturo — and, apparently, he’s been returning the Alias actress’ affection. They reportedly “send each other love notes during the day. She can’t stop smiling when she talks about him,” the insider noted and added that they “spend a few evenings together every week.”

Jennifer and Arturo might confirm their relationship status sooner than we think since he seems to be everything that she’s looking for in a man. “He’s funny, talented, and has a big heart,” the insider said. “He’s also wonderful with kids, which is obviously important to her since she has three of them!”

After Jennifer’s kids’ father, Ben Affleck, recently returned to rehab, Arturo might just be the support system that she needs in her life right now. “She’s been so patient dealing with Ben’s issues, it’s great to see her with someone who treats her so well,” the source shared. “Her friends are encouraging her to go for it. It’s been so long since she had a real relationship — and this one could go the distance!” 

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