When you finally get to meet your celebrity idol, they might look different in person than they do on the big screen. In a new interview, Jennifer Garner admitted that the No. 1 compliment she gets from her fans isn’t about the career she has built, but rather her looks.

“They tell me I’m prettier in person than I am on screen,” Jen, 47, revealed to People. “You might as well see it for the compliment that they mean it to be. That happens, if I’m out and about, every day at some point. I don’t know what it is, but that is by far what I hear the most.”

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Although it may seem like a backhanded compliment, Jen doesn’t get offended when her fans comment about her looks. In fact, she feels “really lucky” because she is someone they can relate to. “[They] tend to feel like I’m the girl they grew up next to or an old friend,” she laughed. “And they want to continue a conversation that I didn’t know we were having.”

It seems like Jen has a lot on her plate to deal with when she walks out of the house. Not only does she get stopped by fans on the street to have random conversations, but they also feel more excited to meet her ex-husband, Ben Affleck, when they’re out together.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner out together in Santa Monica

“[My children] have said in the past that when people see their dad they’re in awe,” she previously told David Tennant on her Camping costar’s podcast. “He’s 6ft 4in, he’s larger than life, he’s Batman!” However, if Ben can take some of the attention off of Jen, then she doesn’t seem to mind. “He’s won two Oscars. He’s so powerful in that way,” Jen noted. “Such a powerful presence and person.”