You go, girl! Your 60s are the new 30s according to Jane Seymour, who has embraced her age and feels more fabulous than ever because of it! The Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman actress recently opened up about getting older in Hollywood and how she is more than happy to represent older women who are celebrating aging rather than hiding from it.

“I still feel sexy,” Jane, 68, recently admitted to Closer! Magazine. “I don’t do Botox and I’m happy to fly the flag for older women. I’ve got plenty of wrinkles though.”

The James Bond star revealed that not only does she not mind her wrinkles but, surprisingly, they help out on the career front, too! “I’m playing a woman in her 70s right now in The Kominsky Method, so I wear a grey wig and have all my wrinkles showing,” Jane added. “I’m very happy to do so.”

Jane Seymour attends the American Ballet Theatre annual Holiday Benefit at The Beverly Hilton Hotel
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Jane has completely changed the game when it comes to aging in Hollywood. The Live And Let Die actress said it’s because she’s stayed true to herself since she made her acting debut in 1970’s The Only Way. “I’ve never had any problems getting roles as I’ve grown older,” Jane shared with the outlet. “I’ve got a lot of great work that is happening right now, and I think it’s because of not trying to be anything other than who I am.”

Not only is Jane doing better than ever career-wise, she’s also in a very great place in her personal life as well. The U.K. native — who is the mom to Katherine Flynn, 37, Sean Michael Flynn, 33, and twins Kristopher Steven Keach and John Stacy Keach, both 23 — said she couldn’t be happier about her romance with 70-year-old director and producer David Green.

“Life has been very good. I’m lucky that I have a very nice boyfriend — and he’s no toyboy!” the beauty joked. “I enjoy my life, my wonderful family and good friends. I love acting, everything I’m doing in my career and I have a good man by my side and lots of grandchildren. What more could I want?”

The Somewhere in Time actress even dished that she especially loves spending time with her grandkids. “It’s incredible, I’m a very cool grandma. They call me Oma, which is Dutch for grandmother,” she shared of her grandbabies, Rowan, 7, Willa, 6, and Luna, 3. “My daughter isn’t into fancy clothes or jewelry, but my grandkids made a beeline for my closet from the age of one. They put on my sparkly Jimmy Choos or Louboutins — they know my best shoes.”

We love Jane’s amazing outlook on life!