Awkward! First Daughter Ivanka Trump took to Twitter on Monday, Oct. 8 to congratulate former First Daughter Barbara Pierce Bush and her new husband, screenwriter Craig Coyne, on their surprise wedding ceremony that took place over the weekend. However, the sweet gesture ended up getting Ivanka a lot more hate than she expected! 

“Congratulations, Barbara and Craig,” she tweeted, along with a photo of their beautiful ceremony taken by talented photographer Paul Morse. “Wishing you both a lifetime of love and laughter!” It didn’t take long for Twitter users to begin criticizing her though because she was not invited to the ceremony and, to be honest, doesn’t even seem to be friendly with Barbara or her family. 

The infamously private Bush daughter described her 20-guest wedding to People as “a very short, sweet ceremony.” It was intimate, including only her closest family, like dad George W. Bush, who walked her down the aisle, and twin sister Jenna Bush Hager, who was her Maid of Honor. So, it’s really no surprise that Ivanka, of all people, didn’t make the guest list, but fans slammed her all the same. 

“Barbara’s Dad and Mom refused to vote for Daddy. Remember they don’t like what he’s doing to our country. Stop pretending you are all friends,” one angry Twitter user wrote. “You didn’t get invited to this one either!! GO AWAY,” said another. “They don’t like you or your father. The entire Bush family detests your family,” said a third who found the well-wishes to be insincere, while another felt like she was just trying to get attention, writing, “What about privately telling them? But like your narcissistic father you are a narcissist too.”

To be fair, the Bush family has been outspoken about disliking Donald Trump. In 2017, Barbara blatantly admitted to the New York Times that she voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, and in 2011 she appeared in a PSA to support gay marriage, despite her father’s Republican stances. Ivanka is one of her father’s biggest supporters and enablers, even when he does crappy stuff, so we can’t imagine she likes hearing the Bush family shade him often.

In April 2018, when former First Lady Barbara Bush passed away, Trump was too busy golfing to attend the funeral, while his wife, Melania Trump, did go and posed for photos with the Clintons and the Obamas. Barbara was close with her grandmother, and even honored her on her wedding day. “It’s really sweet. The ‘something borrowed’ that I’m wearing is this bracelet that my grandfather gave to my grandmother on their 70th anniversary,” she said.

Barbara has also spoken out about Trump, saying in her book Sisters First that the “belittling and demeaning” political dialogue of today can’t “be blamed only on him,” but he’s definitely part of it. “With our grandfather and our dad, there was a softer side and I do hope it goes back to that,” said her sister Jenna.

However, Barbara does seem to have a soft spot for other presidential kids. In 2017, she spoke out against the hate that little Barron Trump gets. “And the same with Malia and Sasha and Chelsea and all of us,” said Jenna. “We’re supportive of our parents, but it’s a job without guidelines, and it’s one that none of us asked for, specifically.” Though Barbara hasn’t thanked Ivanka for her well-wishes, we’re sure she would be appreciative of it and think it’s sweet.