It seems like Sunday Today host Willie Geist is always on the move. The newscaster made an appearance on the weekday version of Today to cohost the show in Savannah Guthrie’s absence on Wednesday, July 19. 

Is Willie Geist Leaving ‘Sunday Today’?

Willie joined Hoda Kotb on the talk show in the time slot that she usually cohosts with Savannah. Viewers are not used to seeing him appear alongside Hoda. Still, they were delighted by Willie’s presence and welcoming personality. One person tweeted that the episode was a “joy” to watch. 

Another viewer tweeted, “TODAYshow with @WillieGeist alongside @hodakotb is fantastic television,” during the broadcast. 

Typically, other weekday cohosts like Craig Melvin and Sheinelle Jones fill in for Savannah on her days off. It’s easy to see why Willie was chosen this time around to temporarily fill in for the TV veteran. Willie is a natural when it comes to presenting news stories and hosting celebrity interviews and has no plans to leave Sunday Today or his other duties on NBC.

Willie Geist appears during a 'Today' segment

Willie Recently Celebrated a Huge Milestone on ‘Sunday Today’

Hosting Sunday Today has been extremely rewarding for Willie, the son of broadcast journalist Bill Geist. He’s had the pleasure of interviewing stars like Stanley Tucci, Melissa McCarthy, Reba McEntire, Brendan Fraser and more. 

On July 15, Willie celebrated his 300th interview on the Sunday Sitdown segment of Sunday Today. He hosted a candid interview with Oppenheimer star Matt Damon to mark the occasion. Willie, who shares kids George and Lucie with wife Christina Sharkey Geist, absolutely loves his job and connecting with A-listers. 

“I’ve found lately that I have kids around the same age as the kids of the people I’m interviewing. So, it really bonds you together, talking about your kids, especially your teenagers,” the dad of two told People of the milestone. “I was interviewing Kate Hudson a couple months ago and she was talking about how her son had gone off the college and what that’s like, and that’s coming for me in a couple of years. I had a similar conversation with Michelle Williams.”

Though he remains busy as one of NBC’s leading broadcasters, Willie has always put his family first. 

​​”We all make different sacrifices and I feel so lucky to have been there for so much,” the TV personality shared. “Haven’t missed a lot of games, haven’t missed a lot of performances, haven’t missed a lot of concerts. Now as you enter the teenage years, you come home and they’re out with their friends. But this wild schedule has allowed me to be there for so much and I think that’s a huge blessing.”