Will and Jada aren’t the only ones who were secretly separated! On October 21, news broke that Meryl Streep and her artist husband, Don Gummer, 76, have been quietly uncoupled for more than six years. “While they will always care for each other, they have chosen lives apart,” the Oscar winner’s rep said in a statement. The parents of four grown children wed 45 years ago after knowing each other for just six months. At the time, Meryl, 74, was grieving the death of her boyfriend John Cazale. Famously private, they lived mostly out of the spotlight. 

“Don has his art and social circle, and she has her acting and her friends,” an insider tells Closer. “They began to drift apart years ago.” They’ve been friendly as they pursue their separate interests. “They still get together for special occasions, holidays and birthdays and speak all the time,” continues the insider. “People can still love each other even if they want to live separately.”