Getting a visit from the Tooth Fairy is one of the most exciting things for every kiddo to experience during their childhood. But when Idina Menzel‘s son wasn’t paid a visit after recently losing a tooth, the singer confessed via social media that the mishap was all her fault. “The tooth fairy didn’t show up last night,” the 47-year-old wrote on Twitter on Monday, Jan. 14 as she recalled the accidental event.

“Mom put tooth in tissue and son hid it under pillow. Then mom fell asleep and woke up this morning to son with tears,” Idina wrote of Walker, 9. “That tooth fairy better get her s–t together. #badmoms,” the Broadway star wrote after adding that Walker came to her and told her that the “Tooth fairy didn’t come.” Aww!

Luckily for Idina, she’s far from the first mom to forget to reward her child for losing a baby tooth. “We JUST had this happen night before last! I told my kid she missed the deadline [because] her tooth fell out at bedtime. White lie and made up for it last night. #badmomsunite,” one of the star’s followers wrote along with a photo of a pretend letter from the Tooth Fairy.

“My parents had always told me that she was just really busy last night and she would come tonight and that it happens all the time, so I’m not the only kid whose tooth wasn’t taken… it worked,” said another.

Some fans even offered advice on how Idina can make it up to her son. “Just throw extra money under your son’s pillow tonight! And remember, being a ‘bad mom’ can be fun xo,” one person suggested.

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“Been there. Grabbed a dollar and pretended to look all through the sheets and blankets. Lo and behold, we found it under the bed, right where I stuck [it] as he was looking through the blankets. Busy moms have to improvise sometimes. You’ve got this!” another brilliantly added.

Idina shares Walker with her ex-husband, Taye Diggs. The two previously tied the knot in 2003 but later split in 2014. Luckily for the brunette beauty, she found love again when she married Aaron Lohr in 2017 after meeting during the film adaptation of Rent. The best part? Aaron and Walker have a great relationship. “They’re very close,” Idina told People back in 2017. “They’re probably watching a film, or they run around playing dodgeball with a sock, they make a ball out of socks and they hit each other.” So cute!