While Tom Hanks’ love for his wife, Rita Wilson, remains sweet, the actor's ongoing battle with Type 2 diabetes has caused him to clear some of the sugary stuff off his table.

Fortunately, he has his better half helping him to stay healthy!

“You have to straddle a line between being a policeman for their diet but also enjoying your lifestyle,” Rita exclusively reveals to Closer about the loving attention she pays to what her husband is eating.

And Tom isn't complaining. "She is handy in the kitchen, boy, that wife of mine," he tells Closer, thankful for her help.

tom hanks

The couple arriving at their wedding reception on April 30, 1988

As for when Rita, 57, told him he was cleared to still drink Guinness beer? “All things in moderation, baby!” he quips.

All things except his love for Rita, that is. "The only thing we ever argue about is who loves each other more," the actor, 57, enthuses.

“We enjoy every day [together],” Rita adds of their 26-year-marriage. “My parents were married for 58 years, so I grew up with that model. I love the idea of commitment.”