Hoda Kotb’s latest TV mishap left everyone talking. The broadcaster began facing some issues with her left eye during an episode of Today on Thursday, February 1.

“I think I have a contact stuck in my eye way up here,” Hoda, 59, told cohost Jenna Bush Hager. “I don’t think I took it out last night, and I can’t find it. It feels like it’s in there!”

The TV host explained that she had planned to go to the eye doctor but “didn’t have time.” She turned to the camera to ask viewers how to get the stuck contact out of her eye.

“Maybe people have tricks on how to get it out, because I’m sure people have had contacts that have rolled up,” Hoda said. “How do I get it out? I’ve tried? If you guys know, will you post on X? I just want to get it out!”

Jenna, 42, remained supportive as Hoda continued to poke and prod her eye.

“We have breaking news: Hoda has now lost all eyesight because her other contact fell out,” she said. “I’m going to go ahead and read, and hopefully when the health person comes, we can resolve this issue.”

“There are two in there, I’m not kidding,” Hoda said of her contact lenses. One fan told her to look down and pull her eyelid. After following the instructions closely, she was able to rectify the problem and remove the lost contact. Hoda described the situation as “so crazy” and praised the fan for giving the “best advice.”

Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager on 'Today' set
Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

After losing one contact, Hoda shared that she could only see Jenna and couldn’t read the teleprompter.

“It looks like a bunch of mushed-up colors,” Hoda said. “This is real weird. I’m totally dependent on you 100 percent. Not reading is not easy. I can’t read anything!”

Jenna took the lead during the broadcast as Hoda waited for someone to bring her another contact lens.

“I don’t like this feeling,” the former first daughter confessed. “I like to be partners with you. Let’s hope that a doctor arrives in the next couple of minutes and Hoda is able to see!”

Ariana DeBose, who was scheduled to be interviewed on the program, walked out onto the stage with some new eye contacts for Hoda. “I’ll take your glasses too!” the Hope Is a Rainbow author quipped after the chaotic segment.