Poor Hillary Clinton won’t be able to gesticulate so emphatically during any speeches in the near future — the onetime presidential candidate just fractured her wrist while visiting India. And that accident wasn’t even her first spill during the trip!

On March 13, Hillary slipped in a bathtub and hurt her right wrist at the Umaid Bhawan Palace in the Indian city of Jodhpur — a hotel that TripAdvisor named Best Hotel in the World in 2016, incidentally. Doctors initially thought it was a sprain, but after the pain intensified overnight, Hillary headed to a local hospital. One CT scan and one X-ray later, Hil learned she had suffered a hairline fracture, according to The Times of India.

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The injury meant the 70-year-old had to cancel her plans in Jodhpur, which had included a visit to the Mehrangarh Fort and a trip to a village outside the city to witness carpet-weaving. She instead took some R&R, it seems, and then departed for her stop in Jaipur. Hillary might be a bit of a klutz because she also lost her balance during a visit to the ancient city of Mandu earlier in the trip. Footage from that visit showed she slipped twice as she descended a steep set of stairs. Then she kicked off her sandals and had a much easier go of that descent.

And in October, the former Secretary of State broke her toe during her book tour in London. “I was running down the stairs in heels with a cup of coffee in hand,” she later told British talk show host Graham Norton. “I was talking over my shoulder and my heel caught and I fell backwards.”

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Hillary on crutches in November 2017.

Add those incidents to her 2011 fall boarding a plane in Yemen and the 2013 fall at home in Washington DC that resulted in a mild concussion, and you have one very accident-prone politician! Still, Hillary seems to be taking this latest accident in stride — she was smiling again on March 15 as she hid her injured wrist under a navy shawl. Here’s wishing her a speedy recovery!