Even though President Donald Trump has faced sexual assault controversy himself, he had thoughts to share when NBC fired Today anchor Matt Lauer last November. Matt lost his job once NBC News received evidence of his sexual misconduct on the set of the morning news show — and Trump weighed in on the scandal via Twitter just after the news of Matt’s dismissal broke.

“Wow, Matt Lauer was just fired from NBC for ‘inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace,'” the POTUS tweeted on Nov. 29. “But when will the top executives at NBC [and] Comcast be fired for putting out so much fake news? Check out Andy Lack’s past!” Interestingly, Donald once worked for NBC and its parent company when he hosted The Apprentice, but that didn’t stop him from tweeting about the network’s employees. At the time, he didn’t elaborate on NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack’s past.

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After his first Tweet about Matt, Trump then took aim at other high-profile media figures — Phil Griffin, president of MSNBC, and Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “So now that Matt Lauer is gone, when will the fake news practitioners at NBC be terminating the contract of Phil Griffin?” he tweeted a couple of hours later. “And will they terminate low-ratings Joe Scarborough based on the ‘unsolved mystery’ that took place in Florida years ago?
Investigate!” In 2001, when Joe was a Florida congressman, a 28-year-old congressional aide was found dead in one of his offices. A medical examiner determined the woman lost consciousness because of an abnormal heart rhythm and died from a head injury sustained in her fall.

Anyway, the Commander-in-Chief took a lot of heat for those tweets, including criticism from CNN anchor Jake Tapper. “This is the president attempting to exploit the tragic death of a young woman — one who had heart problems and hit her head when she fell — to score a cheap, spurious political point,” Jake tweeted. “Indecent. Inhumane.” And other Twitter users didn’t appreciate the tweets either. “You live in the White House or [in a] glass house?” wrote one person. And another said, “It must be a little scary for you, seeing people who are accused of sexual assault/harassment lose their jobs.”

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