Wellness coach Hilaria Baldwin just dished her best tip for staying healthy around the holidays, and it doesn’t involve avoiding temptations. You’re probably saying “what the heck,” but hear us out as we vouch for her because this logic makes so much sense.

“If I don’t move my body and I eat in a way that, later on, makes me work harder, I’m too tired for that,” Hilaria admitted to Us Weekly on Dec. 3. “So I try to stay fit because I’m too lazy to have it be any other way.” Genius!

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Basically the 34-year-old is saying if she skips workouts and eats unhealthy food, it puts her back. However, if she indulges on Christmas cuisine and still fits in time at the gym, she stays stalemate.

The yoga teacher said she does this because she doesn’t “like to get to a place where I have to work harder later.” Hilaria stays to true to this philosophy around the holidays because she is “a believer in being able to enjoy and try everything.”

Even though Hilaria makes it a priority to stay active every day, she doesn’t always make it to the gym or the yoga studio. Things are always popping up for the brunette beauty, especially with her daughter, Carmen, 5, and sons, Rafael, 3, Leonardo, 2, and Romeo, six months, who she shares with her hubby, Alec Baldwin. So in order to compensate her time, the mom-of-four works out in the comfort of her home.

“I have a daily practice on my Instagram. I do these found moment workouts, where, you know, being a busy mom I don’t always have time to go to the gym for a full hour. So I will do, you know, five minutes here and two minutes there and three minutes later,” Hilaria said while noting that every little bit adds up. “Those that I put on my Instagram all together can equal a full workout.”

We can’t even imagine how busy Hilaria is considering she is just getting back into the swing of things since she gave birth to Romeo in May. In fact, the fitness guru attended the Hilaria Baldwin x Carbon 38 Om For Cause event to benefit Girls Inc. on Monday, Dec. 3. This was the first time that she taught a yoga class since welcoming her little bundle of joy!

There’s no better way to teach yoga than for a good cause,” she said of the class. “And I haven’t been able to get back to teaching since after the baby because I’ve been a busy, busy mom.” Don’t worry mama, you’re not alone!