How cute is this?! During an exclusive new interview with Closer Weekly, Henry Winkler adorably revealed that his grandson surprised him by dressing up as his iconic Happy Days character, The Fonz, for Halloween this year. “My grandson is six years old [and] on Halloween went — and he chose this — as The Fonz! [My heart] fell out of my body. My heart soared into the stratosphere,” he said at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s 3rd Annual Patron of the Artists Awards in LA on Thursday, Nov. 8.

During a previous interview with Closer, Henry, 73, gushed about the five grandchildren that he shares with his wife, Stacey Weitzman. “I love being a grandparent. I thoroughly enjoy myself. We spoil them with love,” he said in 2017. At the time, the actor also revealed that his grandson had seen a few episodes of his Papa’s show Happy Days. “My wife and I babysat our four-year-old grandson, who is allowed to watch one show before he goes to bed. He has Happy Days on his DVR. He turned to me, he said, ‘That’s you. Your hair was different. You were skinnier then,'” Henry said. Too cute!

Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images


Last year, Henry also spoke to and confessed that only a few of his grandkids understand what he does for a living. “At least two of them know. One of them might, but doesn’t say anything. The other is too young,” he shared. “With the five-year-old, I sit on the couch and we watch reruns, and he looks at me. Then he looks at the screen, and back at me, and says, ‘Your hair is different.’ ‘Yes, thank you very much.’ And he says, ‘You were slimmer then.’ And I reply, ‘Oh, thank you, thank you. Let’s watch something else right now!'”

While chatting with Closer at the SAG-AFTRA event earlier this week, Henry also revealed he’s very much looking forward to Thanksgiving for one particular reason. “The sandwich the day after. I think about it all year long! The sandwich the day after on wonder bread with a lot of mayo,” he said. Sounds yummy to us!

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