Being cool is… well, cool. That life lesson was instilled on a generation of TV watchers by Henry Winkler as Arthur Fonzarelli, aka "The Fonz" or "Fonzie" from the 1950s-set ABC sitcom Happy Days. Wearing his leather jacket and oftentimes on his motorcycle (even in his apartment), he helped turn the Ron Howard series into a pop culture sensation. He also made famous phrases like "Ayy" (accompanied by thumbs up), "Correctamundo", "exactamundoa", "pefectamundo" and, in his own way, "cool it". People watching Henry on his current NBC show Better Late Than Never may find it hard to believe that that's the same guy who was the Fonz, but listen closely, because every now and then he slips into the voice and it's an amazing transformation to watch.

While being interviewed by radio station WXOU, Henry addressed the impact Fonzie had on him: "He gave me a worldwide recognition, gave me a job in the very arena that I dreamt about. He was fun to play. I loved the people that I acted with. He put a roof on my head. He put my children through school. He created good will. He gave me the key to the door — now, once I walked through that door, I had to create it — but he gave me the key to the door to my future." Check out some of his coolest moments below.