While people are still dealing with the fact that actress and director Penny Marshall has passed away at age 75, more of them are offering their reflections of her as they express their final goodbyes. Now we’ve heard from a number of cast members from the TV series Happy Days, which is the show that had spawned the spin-off Laverne & Shirley that co-starred Penny and Cindy Williams.

Penny Marshall’s Sister Ronny Marshall Hallin Reveals Details Of The Star’s Final Moments: ‘She Was Ready’

Henry Winkler, who soared to stardom as “The Fonz” and proved his continuing versatility on HBO’s Barry, issued a statement to People which read, “I first met Penny one month after having arrived here in L.A. I was a guest star on a TV pilot she was working on. The next time we worked together was on that iconic episode of Happy Days. She was so inventive, so funny, and so warm. She brought her own unique brand of humor to what was on the written page. Watching her playing Laverne, I remember thinking, ‘Wow, she has just created the 20th Century Lucille Ball.'”

The publicist for Anson Williams, who played Potsie Webber on Happy Days; Marion Ross, who was Marion Cunningham; and Don Most, better known as Ralph Malph, also issued statements on their behalf regarding Penny as well. Anson, who, like Penny, has enjoyed a career a  director, commented, “Penny was as courageous as she was talented, and broke down the wall for women directors. Penny will be missed, but her talent and inspiration is evergreen.”

Marion said, “Our dear sweet Penny has gone up to see [her brother, Garry Marshall]. So, there will no doubt be happier days in heaven, just as they made every day happy for us here on earth.” Don Most added, “So sad to hear about Penny’s passing. She was a very funny, gifted, and deceptively smart woman. There will be a lot more laughs up in heaven. RIP Penny.”