Say it isn’t so! When Henry Winkler recently stopped by Andy Cohen‘s Watch What Happens Live, he was asked about his supposed ongoing feud with Tom Hanks and, instead of directly answering the question, Henry dodged it completely while also kind of confirming that something had happened.

“What did you say?” Henry jokingly replied to the caller who asked him about the rumor. However, the WWHL fan never got a straight answer out of the 73-year-old actor.

Apparently, Henry and Tom have been feuding since the Happy Days alum was asked to direct his fellow seasoned actor in the 1989 movie Turner & Hooch. However, Henry didn’t see the movie through to the end because he says he was asked to leave the set and was abruptly fired just weeks into filming.

Henry Winkler

“I was directing that movie for 13 days and then I was called into [producer] Jeff Katzenberg‘s office and he said, ‘You have everything with you? Go home,'” he said.

Henry doesn’t have a lot of great memories about working on Turner & Hooch, but he did say he got along with the canine star on set. “I got along great, great with that dog,” he joked. “Love that dog.”

Even though he left the film, Henry told the caller that he’s not even sure if he sat down for an hour and 37 minutes just to watch it. “I don’t remember the title of that movie,” he laughed.

However, Henry did tell People five years after Turner & Hooch was released that he had a better interaction with the dog than with Tom. “Let’s just say I got along better with Hooch [the pup] than I did with Turner [Tom],” he said. But since it was so long ago, we’re sure that the two have put their differences behind them.

tom hanks

After all, they’re onto bigger and better things! Tom’s new film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood will be coming out on Friday, November 22. As for Henry, the Emmy winner is busy at work on the TV series Barry with Bill Hader.

Even though Tom and Henry were seemingly once at odds, we’d still love to see them work on a project together sometime soon!

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