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Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen Reveal the Lies They’ve Told at NYC Premiere of ‘The Good Liar’

All eyes were on Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen at the NYC premiere of their new movie, The Good Liar, on Wednesday, November 6 — and for good reason. “Dame Helen is wearing yellow and Sir Ian is wearing black!” The Lord of the Rings actor, 80, exclaimed to Closer Weekly, noting their slick outfits worn for the occasion.

In the film, Ian stars as a con artist named Roy Courtnay who goes online and meets a wealthy widow named Betty McLeish — played by Helen, 74 — and decides to take her fortune. Little does he know, though, that she is not one to be played with. According to Warner Bros., “it’s about secrets people keep and the lies they live.”

“Well, for the first 40 years of my life, I lied about myself to the world because, if I told the truth, I might’ve been put at risk,” Ian exclusively told Closer Weekly on the red carpet. “I’m talking about being gay at a time when the laws were bad. I regret that I had to do that and that I did it.”

“As you can tell, I don’t do it anymore,” he added with a laugh. The Gods and Monsters star officially came out in 1988.

When it comes to Helen, though, it’s harder for her to think of a fib that she has told in her life.

“I’m not saying I’ve never lied. I’m sure I have,” she told Closer Weekly while trying to think about her biggest untruth and failing to find one. “But actually telling a lie about myself, I’m always actually fairly truthful about myself. I’ve always been truthful about my age, I’ve never hidden my age.”

Believe it or not, this is the first time the two acting legends have appeared onscreen together. You wouldn’t guess that given how swiftly Ian swoops in to help The Queen actress out.

“I mean, there are lies and lies,” he noted, explaining the difference between harmful ones and ones that are justifiable. “The lies which have the bad motive are the ones we don’t like … but most lies are white lies.”

For more photos of Helen and Ian at the NYC premiere of The Good Liar, scroll through our gallery below!