At age 52, Halle Berry still has one of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood. Over the years, the actress has managed to maintain her fit figure by following a healthy diet and sticking to her strict fitness regimen. And, each week, Halle also gives her fans tips and tricks to stay healthy in her #FitnessFriday Instagram series.

“I was a gymnast growing up, and that certainly has helped, as I have always been very athletic,” she wrote online in January, according to a spread in Us Weekly‘s latest issue, on newsstands now. Though she credits part of her slim physique to genetics, Halle has also followed the popular, low-carb Keto diet for quite some time.

“Being diabetic most of my life, I have always had to take food very seriously,” she has said. During a 2016 interview, she told Women & Home South Africa that eating four small meals a day makes her feel “strong and healthy.” And when Halle is not on the set of her next big film, she likes to hit the gym with her trainer Peter Lee Thomas, who she has called her “secret weapon” in the past.

“She’s one of those special individuals who, even if she has one to two hours of sleep, she’ll get work done,” he previously told Us Weekly. “It will take a lot for her to say, ‘Hey, I can’t train today.’” According to the magazine, Peter has Halle on a strict training regimen of yoga, boxing, cardio, and weights. As long as Halle has worked up “a really good sweat” then he says that he’s done his job right.

“She definitely loves to train her core, but she also knows the importance of full-body connection and fitness,” he added. Thanks to Peter, Halle has said that “there is nothing more empowering,” than to have the ability to defend yourself as a woman. You go, girl!