Mina Starsiak Hawk opened up about being the victim of identity fraud and a recent robbery. The Good Bones star shared details about her scary experience on an episode of her “Mina AF” podcast on Tuesday, February 20.

Mina, 39, is currently opening up a new Two Chicks District Co. retail store in Noblesville, Indiana. Someone ended up opening up a Bank of America account using the retail location’s tax ID number. She was mailed a credit card with the store’s name on it, leading to confusion. Eventually, a credit card statement with 60 charges came in the mail, pointing toward fraud.

“Whoever this hustler is, they got 60 people to Venmo this account money,” she said of some of the transactions the person made. “And it’s so sad because some of the Venmos were like ‘Venmo for puppy,’ ‘Venmo for food.’ Like, someone thought that they were getting a puppy and they just got swindled using my store’s tax ID number.”

To rectify the situation and get to the bottom of things, Mina went to the bank with copies of several of her personal documents. After sorting things out, she asked the person helping her at the bank to shred the copies of the documents.

Following her visit to the bank, Mina’s purse, containing a copy of her social security card, was stolen.

“The reason my purse got stolen is I was just moving too fast,” she shared. “I was sitting, waiting. I was outside our therapist’s house. Steve [Hawk] and I were driving separate because we were coming from different places, so I was working on my laptop. And Steve walked up and kind of tapped the window, so I rolled my window down and I was like ‘Yeah, let me put my stuff away and I’ll be right in.’”

Mina Starsiak Hawk sitting on sofa talking into microphone
Courtesy of Mina Starsiak Hawk/Instagram

She ended up putting her laptop away and got out of the car to go into the hour-long therapy session. Mina said she didn’t roll her window back up.

“No one even had to break into my car,” the realtor said. “They just had to walk by it and grab my bag that had all of my credit cards, my laptop that has all of my passwords saved in it, because struggle bus and I just auto-save them, I mean everything.”

“I just feel so incredibly stupid,” Mina reflected. “And if I had done things right to begin with that wouldn’t happen.”