Good Bones star Karen E. Laine is making a huge fashion statement. The HGTV personality pledged to wear the same dress for 100 days.

“The challenge by @wool.and intrigued me: Wear the same dress for 100 days. I’m 30 days in, and so far no repeats,” she told her Instagram followers in the caption of a post shared on February 25.

Karen, 61, has found many new ways to style the blue dress using a variety of accessories.

“I wear an apron over it for dirty things and leggings under it for cold weather,” she continued. “I’ve hiked, painted, landscaped and other things I wouldn’t normally do in a dress. I’m doing far less laundry, and so far, no outfit repeats, although I’m sure that will happen eventually. It gives me a chance to utilize my robust scarf collection and my fun tights. The idea is to do more with less, which resonates with me.”

The comments section was flooded with both praise and people asking why she has decided to wear only one item of clothing for 100 days.

“Look at you, also up for a challenge. Wash the dress once in a while though. LOL, I think you would look great in anything you wear,” one follower wrote.

“The challenge doesn’t require not washing the dress,” Karen responded.

Another person asked, “Why?” to which the TV star responded, “To consume less: less clothing, less water, less detergent.”

Karen E. Laine wears blue tank top
Courtesy of Karen E. Laine/Instagram

“I’m intrigued. I assume it’s actually one dress and not multiples of the same size/style,” another comment read. “Do you wait to have a laundry load from the accessories and then wash it in the evening so it’s not 100 days straight without washings?”

“Yes, I wait to have a load, or hand wash. I hand wash the dress as needed (every week or so)” Karen shared.

The home improvement expert has been hard at work renovating her new home in Wilmington, North Carolina, since ending Good Bones in October 2023. No official spinoff show for Karen has been announced just yet, but she made it clear that she hopes to make her TV return in the near future.

“Love you Karen!! You do amazing work .. will we see a show of your projects?” one fan asked Karen in a recent Instagram comment.

Her response teased that a new show is on the horizon. “The magic 8 ball says the outlook is good,” she wrote with a winky face emoji.