Recently we focused on Kurt Russell as he revealed how he and his partner Goldie Hawn have been able to stay together for 35 years even while being in Hollywood. But this time around it is all about Goldie. Goldie recently sat down with The Times in order to talk about everything from being a parent, to how she stays fit at age 73, to being the type of movie star she wanted to be.

Goldie has had quite the career, a career filled with plenty of classic movies. But while she’s tasted plenty of fame, Goldie never wanted to be the type of movie star Hollywood wanted her to be. “I never wanted to be a screwed-up alcoholic movie star, because that’s what all the magazines told you about. I just wanted to dance,” Goldie revealed. “He [her Presbyterian father] said expectation is greater than realization, so I never looked at unrealistic ideas,” Goldie adds. “So for me to be a movie star was completely insane. But to do three pirouettes and not fall, and jumps and leaps and dance as well as I could? That meant something to me.”

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Something else that meant everything to Goldie, even more than dancing? Becoming a mother, and she spoke about how much of a joy it was to have children, Oliver, Wyatt and Kate.

“When I first became a mother, it was the greatest moment of my life,” Goldie says. “All my children were. When you are seeing that baby being born, and taking his or her first breath — oh! My firstborn, Oliver, they put him by my face and I kissed him and the first thing I said was, ‘I waited so long for you.'”

“They [children] should be everything to everyone,” Goldie adds. “They are our greatest resource. That’s who we’re nurturing to take over the next period of the world.”

And Goldie and Kurt take being parents very seriously. “…I think that Kurt and I are really good parents. He’s a good person: a fun, good person,” Goldie says, adding, “…We come together and appreciate all the moments we are together. We love our family, it matters that we are a unit. We are happy in our world. Happiness is the goal.”

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And yes, being a parent and being with your children is important, but for you all who clicked on this article to learn just how in the world Goldie stays fit, well she even touched on that too. And the answer may let you down: “I don’t have a personal trainer, but I do work out,” Goldie reveals. “I cycle, I do it all.”

Well, you might as well fire your personal trainer now and get yourself that bicycle you saw they were selling at that garage sale you drove by this morning. Hey, it has worked for Goldie.